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Power Smart Leader Award

Power Smart Excellence Award

We’re thrilled to announce that Vancouver Properties, consisting of Pacific Centre and Waterfront Properties, has been awarded the 2012 Power Smart Excellence Award in the Power Smart Leader category, BC Hydro’s highest level of customer recognition!

Each year, BC Hydro recognizes business customers and retail/industry partners that demonstrate a best-in-class approach to energy management and conservation.  This achievement was possible as a result of the collaboration and teamwork between the entire Pacific Centre and Waterfront Properties teams.

What does it mean to be a Power Smart Leader?

Power Smart Leaders are a select group of BC Hydro customers who continuously demonstrate a best-in-class approach to strategic energy management and an ongoing commitment to energy conservation in BC.

These organizations prioritize energy management in every aspect of their business. They consistently meet or exceed their own rigorous energy-saving targets and institute a culture of energy and environmental sustainability within their organizations. They are proactive and their comprehensive approach to energy management encompasses continuous improvement to their facilities, equipment and procedures.

“Cadillac Fairview’s executive leadership is committed to sustainability and our holistic approach to energy management sets the industry standard,” said Terry Connors, Director of Operations for the Western Portfolio.  “With a strong financial commitment, two Energy Managers and an Energy Management Specialist in place, our Vancouver properties implements energy management across every area of our daily operations.”

Vancouver Properties won this award by implementing initiatives such as:

  • GREEN AT WORK™ Tenant Team program helped facilitate tenant and staff integration into energy management and included training, information sessions, GREEN AT WORK™ monthly meetings and  tools for staff and tenants to submit energy-saving ideas.
  • Placed energy performance as a standing topic at weekly operations meetings and reviewed results quarterly to ensure that GREEN AT WORK™ targets were being met.
  • As part of BC Hydro’s Continuous Optimization program, all building were retro commissioned and lighting studies were completed.  The energy saving recommendations from these studies were implemented at all buildings.
  • Ensured that building automation systems were in place.
  • Achieved significant savings in energy through various energy reduction initiatives, such as lighting, heating and cooling plant retrofits, and building automation system upgrades.

For more information, please visit and go to the Power Smart Leader category for additional details on this great accomplishment.

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