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To successfully operate a complex the size of Waterfront Properties requires the assistance of many skilled people. From contractors and consultants to suppliers and maintenance professionals, we run our tenant community with the help of outside service providers like you.

We respect the important services you and your team provide and thank you in advance for respecting the rules, regulations and procedures we have in place.

To access all necessary forms, permits and policies, refer to the Forms and Permits page. All the relevant material should be there. For clarification or general enquiries, contact CF CONNECT at 1-800-665-1000 or

Note: A construction permit is required for any electrical, mechanical or structural work. A service permit is required for any non-electrical/mechanical work.

Without exception, all contractors, consultants and general service providers:

  • Are subject to approval by the Landlord
  • Must be in good standing with WorkSafe and the Workers' Compensation Board
  • Must utilize the base building automation, mechanical, electrical and fire alarm subcontractors for any approval work involving trades
  • Must adhere to all British Columbia Health and Safety regulations
  • Must have valid insurance of at least $5 million

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